Zpu “Mal Bicho” Barcelona’s MC new released

ZPU returns to with “Mal Bicho”, second single and video clip extracted from the album of the same name that will be released on November 11.


New Video by Spanish rapper Duddi Wallace “Complex”

One of the best rappers from Madrid, Spain released his video today. “Complex” shows Wallace’s versatility and uniqueness in the Spanish Hip Hop scene. I recommend to check his music out.


Kase O: The album “El Circulo” one of the rapper’s best Spanish Hip Hop masterpiece up today.

There’s no denying that Violadores del Verso is one of Spain best rap group. That also one of the main pillars of the group is the rapper Kase O (pronounced Casey O). It’s been awhile since Kase O released a solo album, while most of his group’s member have done. We heard Kase O’s 2015 released of the song “repartiendo arte” which was a hit. Yet we haven’t had a full album. Just a few days ago we got what we were waiting for and it was a delight to the ears when I got to hear the album.

I have to say that the album “El Circulo” is one of the most complete albums I heard from the artist. It has a variety of sounds and fundamentally a purist’s Hip Hop state. The following are links to some of the songs I enjoyed. I highly recommend getting this masterpiece of Spanish Hip Hop music.

Melymel: One of the dopest Latina Rappers

In a world dominated by male Latino rappers, Melymel stands as one the best Latina rappers to date. Born in the Dominican Republic, she has often prove she is very gifted lyrically and as well as being beautiful. She’s also versatile with her style of music, able to spit fast rhymes in using almost any beat. This is because Mely comes from a freestyle rap background, a passion she developed since 1998. She went on to record her first album in 2005 after meeting Nico, a Dominican producer who she later married. Her music quality has been compared to the American rapper’s quality.

At an early age, Melymel was influenced by Jazz, ballet, break dance and her passion for Mcing. She has worked with Latin rappers, such as Big Mato, N.O.R.E. , Tony Touch and been appraised by New York city DJs.  In 2008, her mixtape “Sensacion Melmelada” was a hit in all Latin America.

Right now Melymel, has released new material under the guidance of Boy Wonder from New York. The following are some of her new music. I hope you enjoy and leave comments; and please do share.

Melymel – Llegamos

 Mestiza – Quienes Somos ( ft. Melymel) [Official Vídeo]

Trad Montana: Dirty South Rap in Madrid, Spain.


It was during the time that MySpace.com was of great popularity. I was on the search of music on that popular social media. That’s when I saw a guy with gold grill, white t-shirt with bling. I thought to myself, another Texas or Dirty South rapper. So I went ahead and checked him out and see what type of music he had to offered. To my astonishment the homeboy rapped in Spanish and went by the name, Trad Montana. He had a Dirty South sound. Then when I saw his location, it said he lived in Madrid, Spain. I had never heard or even imagined that Dirty South music was popular in Europe, much less in Spain. At that moment, I went furthered and discovered that he belong to a group called “Madrid Mas Odiados” or in English “Madrid’s Most Hated”. Which again, reminded me a lot about Houston’s Latino based and African-American rap groups, but this time strictly in Spanish.


Trad Montana comes from Madrid, he was raised in the neighborhoods of Chamberi and Tetuan. Life was hard as child. He often traveled around Spain selling Hip Hop clothing in order make a living. Being a father at early age, his aimed was to hustle and put food on the table. Growing up he became heavily influenced by the music Dirty South legends, such DJ Screw which let him top start out on reproducing that sound in Spain. During the years as his reputation grew, Trad Montana became heavily associated with the Screwed & Chopped style music. The Houston sound in Madrid was there to stayed and became established under him and his groups MMO and Madrid Pimps.



Picture: Trad Montana and the members of Madrid Pimps

Trad has extensive works on albums and mixtapes. He has 8 albums and 10 mixtapes that today, is probably the largest of any other artists in Spain making the same type of music. Trad has been under Spain based labels such as UglyWorkz, Boa Music, and Avispa Records. At the moment he is working under Bolt Music. He has released the newest album titled H.I.M.P with partner, Sr. Ortega. He is also working on the new Madrid Pimps album. The following are some videos from his latest works. Please comment and share.

Trad Montana & Señor Ortega:Como Curtis (HIMP THE ALBUM)







The Venezuelan Rapper new take on Spanish Hip Hop

The other day I was looking on-line for Venezuelan rappers. The only Venezuelan rappers I ever heard off and listened to was, Guerrilla Seca, a group composed of ex-members El Prieto and Rekeson. On you YouTube I found a lot new and old talent. All a sudden, I see the title of a rap song named “Milki”. I don’t know but just the name of the song captured my attention. So I clicked on the video, there I saw a guy holding a cup, maybe of lean or some alcohol, a few guys dancing to this catchy beat and a dude rapping pretty nice. It was trap sound, but with catchy phrases. The song got stuck in my head. I learned that the rapper’s name was Akapellah. I looked him up and found a rap genius beyond that catchy trap song, he is a lyrical machine.

Pedro Elias Aquino Cova was born in 1991, in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. The nicknamed Akapellah is a extraction of his name’s initials. Akapellah started his career in freestyle on YouTube that received my views. That same year of 2011, he goes a wins the biggest rap battle competition in Venezuela.  The following year, he wins second place on the same competition. This gained him respect among the Venezuelan MCs.

Akapellah lyrical style is mostly being a battle rapper with sometimes funny punchlines. After the released of “Milki” which gained millions of views, he released another video showing that he is not tangled up in one form of rap, but can rap in any form and be good at it. The second video titled “Intro Como Nunca” takes you back the 90s style gangsta rap from Los Angeles. You get the feeling your listening to a high quality Dr. Dre produced track. Whatever your favorite style of Hip Hop, Akapellah has a lot to bring to the table. I personally recommend this artist. Keep an eye on this rapper for years to come. Below are his two most resent works. Enjoy and leave comments.

 Milki – Akapellah (Official Video)


Intro Como Nunca – Akapellah (Official Video)